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to my Guest-House !

As a long term traveller I settled down in 1999. Since then I have been doing some reconstruction and artistic work in and all around my house, stable, Indian tee-pee and circus carriage. All along the way I have been helped by friends and willing passers-by who have supported me in my sometimes unconventional ideas.

Now you can come from all over the world to have a relaxing stay at Sonnenhof - in the countryside.

See more Pictures: follow the Sonnenhof Kunst-Pfad!

Here you can.... go horseback riding (we have 2 horses), experience forest trekking (by horse carrying the luggage, if wished), rent a bicycle and explore the huge forests and little towns, enjoy the castle park of Seyfriedsberg (only a 10 Minute walk from Sonnenhof) or hire a guide to be shown the exceptional park with its 150 years old trees from all over the world.

You can also enjoy lighting a candle at Maria Vesperbild
- a world-famous place of pilgrimage for people of all religions - go running by the catholic church.

Here it´s told people can be cured from their illness by the help of Maria (it´s a 10 Minute footwalk through the forest from Sonnenhof).

In addition, the guest-house is located in between Augsburg and Legoland, two wonderful sites of attraction. Legoland is a very famous and newly inaugurated amusement park, 40 km away, close to Günzburg. Augsburg is a famous historical town built in the middle ages by the financial power and building skills of the Fugger, that you still can see. It is located only 35 km from the guest house.

You can have day trips arranged. We will help answer your travel questions and can provide transportation if you inform us ahead of time.

You can reach "Sonnenhof - in the countryside" by bus from Augsburg - Main Bus Station - direction Krumbach. You get out of the bus in Ziemetshausen at "Industriegebiet" (First bus stop in Ziemetshausen). From there you walk 50 meters towards the city and turn to the left, following the huge street sign "Langenneufnach". At the restaurant Adler you will turn to your left again, following the sign “Langenneufnach". Then, after 1 km, walking along a lane lined by huge trees, you reach the church of pilgrimage: Maria Vesperbild. There you find at your right hand side an under-pathway under the street, leading to the Grotte. From there you take the big forest-pathway which divides when it reaches a huge cross, you turn right at the cross and continue walking through the forest for 10 Minutes until you reach the little dreamy village Bauhofen. On the right hand side you can get a glimpse of the Sonnenhof guest-house with it´s colourful painted windows. In Bauhofen you take the first street, right hand side, passing the little fire house, you cross over the bridge, turn right again and follow the meadow with the football nets. Just behind the children's playground you will reach the guest-house.

If you arrive unannounced and I'm not at home when you arrive, kindly wait in the garden for my return.

We will surely find a place for you to stay - inside the house, in a room, dormitory or in the hey with your sleeping-bag. Also, you can choose to stay in the circus carriage or Indian tee-pee.

It´s fun to be at Sonnenhof and relaxe here. You can get cheaper prices by helping here with the actual work to be done - a great opportunity for the budget traveller. Sonnenhof is cheap, clean, familiar, artfully decorated and it´s still growing.

Come and share your heart and hands with us.

Prices:  Adult 20 Euro, Children 15 Euro 

Breakfast:   9 Euro. You can make your own breakfast and you can use the kitchen.

Gabriele Heinze
   Lauterbachstraße 7
   86473 Ziemetshausen

   Telephone me:
   0049 – (0) 8284 - 928484

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